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    Ⅰ.Company Introduction

    1.1 Brief introduction of the company
    Vinamilk Coporation
    In terms of sales and production , namely, milk production leading manufacturer in Vietnam . Vinamilk catalog of products includes : main products are liquid milk and milk powder and products have added value as milk , eating yoghurt and drinking yoghurt , cream and cheese . Vinamilk give the market a portfolio of products , flavors and packaging sizes have the most choices .
    According to Euromonitor , namely, a leading dairy producer in Vietnam in three years ended December 31, 2007 . Since operations began in 1976, the company has built the most extensive distribution network in Vietnam and has leverage to introduce new products such as juice , soy milk , bottled water and coffee market .
    The majority of the Company's products provide market under the brand name " Vinamilk " This brand was voted as a " Famous Brand " and is one of the 100 most powerful brands selected by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in , 2006. We have also been voted among the "Top 10 Vietnam High Quality Goods " from 1995 to 2007.
    The company currently focused on the business market is growing at Euromonitor Vietnam which is 7.85 % average annual growth from 1997 to 2007 . Most products are manufactured in nine plants with a total capacity of 570 406 tons of milk per year . The company owns an extensive distribution network across the country , there are favorable conditions for our products to a large number of consumers.
    Company products are mainly sold in Vietnam market and also exported to overseas markets such as Australia , Cambodia , Iraq , the Philippines and the United States .

    1.2. Evaluating marketing environment:
    Micro Environment
    Human Resources
    - Board of Management has a team of marketing and sales experience in analyzing and identifying market trends and consumer tastes , and supporting direct sales staff who understand consumers ' tastes through regular access to customer sales in multiple locations
    - Board of Directors has the ability to better manage
    - The company has the ability to research and development including 10 engineers and technicians .
    - In 1787 , there were more sales staff
    Power Supplies
    - Sweetened milk Lines : box capacity of 260 million / year .
    - Lines UHT milk - Yomilk - juice - soymilk : capacity 237 million liters / year . The company is planning to invest some filler to feature extraction capabilities .
    - Yogurt Lines : capacity of around 56 million liters / year . The company is planning to upgrade the factory line in Can Tho , Saigon , Nghe An .
    - Line - powdered nutritional formula : capacity of 18 thousand tons / year .
    - To date vinamilk has built 8 plants , factories 1 and 3 are building more new plants .
    - Equipment sales system in coolers , freezers
    - Property mechanical systems used by Niro spray drying technology of Denmark , the world leader in industrial drying technologies . In addition the company also uses the production line with international standards provided by Tetra Pak to give up dairy products and other value added .
    Source of raw material
    - Domestic stable source of raw materials ( vinamilk actively investing , building materials serving the needs of businesses )
    - Overseas : high-producing cows from Australia , high quality milk powder from Fonterr corporations .
    Competitors :
    Dutch Lady Vietnam is a joint venture between Friesland Foods Group renowned Dutch dairy sector and companies manufacturing and importing Pacific ( 3-2 ) with a total initial investment of $ 30 million
    Vinamilk accounted for 45.50 % market share
    Dutch Lady accounting for 20.40 % market share
    Nestle ( Milo ) accounted for 7.40 % market share
    Hanoi milk accounted for 3.70 % market share
    Other businesses : 19.70 % market share

    1.3. Build a SWOT analysis
    + Strong brand , the majority ( 75 % )
    + Extensive distribution network ( 64 cities )
    + Diverse products , competitive prices .
    + Advanced production line
    + Leaders have good capacity management .
    + Product list and strongest diversified ( 150 product categories )
    + Good relationships with partners .
    + Our team of marketing and product research experience
    + Products mainly focus on domestic market
    + Marketing activities of companies primarily focused in the south .
    + The preferential policies of the government of the dairy industry ( 2000 billion approved for dairy development project in 2020)
    + Power supply stable material ( We have also actively investing , investment building , building materials serving the needs of businesses )
    + WTO : market expansion , business , learning experience .
    + Unstable Economy ( inflation , economic crisis .... )
    + WTO : appear more competitors .
    + The political situation was unstable world .

    PEST Analysis of Vinamilk
    Political ( Institutional - Law )
    - Ask about food safety very seriously.
    - The political stability conducive to the company's business.
    - Government issued preferential policies ( 2000 billion approved for dairy development project in 2020 )
    - The economy of Vietnam's rapid growth has a positive impact on the domestic purchasing power .
    - WTO pressure to compete for business .
    - Import duties reduced dairy products create favorable conditions for the increase of imported dairy products .
    - Inflation , rising oil prices and increased cow
    Social - cultural
    - Increasing living standards improve .
    - The need for health promotion and increasing beauty.
    - The rate of child malnutrition is still high.
    - Most people in Vietnam do not have the habit of drinking milk.
    - Production technology of spray-dried milk powder technology " type" technology to " Blower "
    - Technology for fast high-temperature sterilization.
    - Extraction Technology milk powder cans.
    - New modern equipment in diversified fields of packaging products
    - Technology product quality management according to ISO quality management
    - Warm monsoon climate
    - Regularly occurring flood disaster ...

    An off Matrix of Vinamilk
    1 ) Market penetration ( Market Penetration Consolidation )
    Introduce existing products in existing markets means that market entry of competitors to grab market share from competitors . To best use this strategy , many businesses normally open points of sale , using the AIDA model to attract customers , enhance PR activities .
    - Expanding distribution network throughout 64 provinces ( in water ) , 220 distributors with over 125,000 points of sale throughout 64 provinces .
    - Exports to foreign markets such as Australia , Cambodia , Iraq , the Philippines and the United States .
    - Using the AIDA model in attracting and developing customers .
    2 ) New products and new services ( New Products and Services )
    Expanding products and services available in the market to attract more customers , exploring new markets with new products more features .
    3 ) Market Development ( Marketing Development)
    Development of new products into existing markets , adding new products to the existing product portfolio to cater to the market currently .
    - Fresh bean milk , juice , bottled water , tea cheeses , cream , Cafe Moment , Beer Zorok associated with SABMiller , ....

    Ⅱ.Marketing Strategy:

    2.1 Customer segment
    Milk market ‘s clients are diverse. There is a full range of classes and age groups from infants to elderly. This industry has a vast customer markets.
    - The majority of consumers use milk as a nutritional supplements so they spend 5-10 % of income itself on this kind of product.
    - The target group of fluid milk is children from the ages of 0-14 years old. This age is very important for the development of young children .At this age, they need nutrients , vitamin, DHA, calcium helping the body to develop balance and set the stage for later development. On the other hand parents always devoted special attention to children at this age, so the demand for milk in this period is much higher than the rest.
    • For yogurt segment : women from 12 to 35 years old who are in need of skin, bone and want to have beautiful skin fresh, healthy digestion
    - Gender: for all

    2.2 Market targeting:
    - Mass market: the lineup of public product as fresh milk has strong position accounting for 75% market share.
    - Wide distribution with 64 provinces
    - Product diversification, competitive price.
    - Vinamilk mostly serve in Vietnam for all product lines. The domestic market accounted typically more than 80% of total revenue.
    - For the foreign market, the main countries are in the Middle East, Cambodia, Thailand ,Philippines. The main exported products are Dried whole milk and condensed milk. In 2012, export sales of the Company accounted for approximately 14% of total revenue .

    2.3 Differentiation and Positioning
    • Positioning: continue positioning based on quality of product following commitment: "Vinamilk committed to bring to the community the best nutrition, the best quality with respect, love and responsibility for human life and society "
    • Differentiation: build more differences from customer care services by implementing nutritional counseling for consumers.

    Ⅲ. Marketing program

    3.1 Product
    Product adtribution:
    Vinamilk Corporation provides you with high quality, nutritious and delicious products for your health. Currently our brand is leading the market, with groups of Vinamilk brand: Condensed milk, Dielac, V-fresh... offering more than 200 dairy products. They specialize in producing internationally recognized quality standards across all our products and aim at satisfying their customers’ needs perfectly everytime.
    After more than 30 years of operation and development, the company's products such as milk “Ông Thọ” , “Ngôi sao Phương Nam”, Dielac, Vinamilk yogurt and other products have all become very familiar brands on the domestic market . Thanks to the production of high quality and reasonable prices , Vinamilk can attract client components Vietnam at any age. In 2007, again vinamilk was voted into the list of the top 100 brands in Vietnam.
    The majority of the Company's products provide market under the brand name "Vinamilk" This brand was voted as a "Famous Brand" and is one of the 100 most powerful brands selected by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2006.
    The trend today is that the consumer really focus on the design, product’s packaging. Understanding this trend, many companies did not hesitate to pour investment costs on the packaging. Even after this campaign, they might lose advantage of the sale price, but in return, increase sales and consumer brands to remember more.

    To prepare for the holiday season, New Year, vinamilk designed new packaging and printing messages to consumers. The costs spenting for changing design program like this usually accounts for about 10% of total costs. Along with participation in the world market as well as domestic competition, design - packaging has always occupied an important position in the marketing strategy. Because the products which are beautifully designed always get the attention of customers.

    - 2 points hovering above and below the logo represents 2 drops of milk in the milk line
    - Middle symbol : VINA:Việt Nam , (M) : Milk (sữa), (V) : Victory
    - Background :(blue icon) meadows, nature, nutrition ...
    Support service
    Vinamilk has a team of customer care service with online services, hot line in time.
    In 2012-2015, spent 100 billion from budget lift high quality customer care services.
    From 1/2011-1/2015 : Vinamilk has been developing more customer care centers with an investment of up to 50 billion .Specifically, 2 centers in north of Vietnam ( 15 billion ) , 2 in the south ( 15 billion ) and 2 in central ( 30 billion ) . In addition, the project of training 300 staff at a cost of 10 billion.

    3.2 Pricing :
    The stability in pricing policies:
    Vinamilk still maintain price stably from mid-2008 to the present. Market price is only about one third of the price of foreign milk .
    With current prices , vinamilk accept the decreasing in profit . In return, company offset from the business of different product lines to share the burden with consumers spending.
    Policy for more expensive, better quality:
    When current products are valuable positioning in the minds of consumers , the positioning of new products are entirely favorable . A series of brand be upgraded as : Dielac up to Dielac Alpha, Friso to Friso Gold , the Dumex to Dumex Gold .
    Policy price remain unchanged but higher quality:
    . Typically ,the line pasteurized milk and yogurt are positioned higher but unchanged price.
    Policy of the purchase price:
    Undertakings: in the motives , not urbanization , good breeding conditions and far transport, the price is set lower. At the same time, adjust the purchase price follow season and milk price in the world.

    3.3 Distribution
    Policy dealers
    Vinamilk is holding a incentives for agents to become close friends, faithful to their products. Agent system divided into 2 types:
    - Group of dairy products (milk, milk powder ...): This group have to keep the commitment not to sell any other dairy products
    - Group of cream, fresh milk, yoghurt: widely advocated open and unrestricted conditions.

    Construction management and distribution system

    Currently the company has two distribution channels:

    - distribution through traditional channels: (a ferry 220 independent distributors in 64 provinces and more than 140,000 retail locations nationwide) handles the distribution of more than 80% of the company. Vinamilk has opened 14 showrooms product in the big city.

    - distribution through modern channels (supermarkets, Metro ...) : With a distribution network both nationally as well as other direct channels such as hospitals, supermarkets, schools ... Vinamilk is holding a the ability to adversely from external suppliers to customers.


    Specific : Only 4 months after the inauguration super milk powder plant , Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company ( Vinamilk ) continue inaugurated super fluid milk plant with a capacity of 1 million liters / day . This is one of the key projects to help realize the goal vinamilk revenue of $ 3 billion and among the top 50 largest dairy businesses in the world in 2017
    Measure : Vietnam Dairy Factory was built on an area of 20 hectares in My Phuoc 2 Industrial Zone , Binh Duong province with a total investment of 2.400 billion, with a capacity of very large , more than 400 million liters of milk / year in phase 1 .
    Land set aside for the expansion phase in 2015 , when that plant capacity would be raised to double to 800 million liters / year and similarly smart warehouse also make available land to open twice as Thus , in the next 5 years .
    Attainable / Achievable : In 2014, the company will start construction next 2 projects at dairy farms in NhuThanhThanhHoa and Ha Tinh , 3000 scale breeding cows / farm .
    TayNinh farm project has now completed phase transfer of land and is in the final stages of the procedure . When the farm goes into operation , the dairy herd will increase by 10,000 vinamilk cows .
    Particularly super farm project Unification ( ThanhHoa ) expected in 10/ 2013 business license , covering an area of about 2,600 hectares , with the expected scale farming 20,000 cows .
    We are self -sufficient and the material is 30 % when four new farms in operation will increase the percentage of local materials by 40 % .

    Relevant government has had a policy we think is very practical lets get some local rice land is partially converted into maize breeding serve . We hope , in the near future , there will be more land to build farms .
    To meet the increasing demand of fresh milk market segment , especially high-end customers , to ensure competitive with foreign brands , vinamilk milk plant in New Zealand is expected to be completed at tháng 9/2014 . We will produce and deliver our product under the brand vinamilkVietnam .
    Time - Bound : 2017 target a reality
    Promotion Mix :
    Advertising : Use poster , outdoor advertising signs ...
    Direct Marketing : Event promotion in preschool
    Sales Promotion : gift purchases , promotions ...
    Personal Selling : delivery team and agents around the country
    Public Relations : Press reported good company and good corporate image in the public eye

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    ✔️ Tối đa 2.750 hồ sơ được ưng ý mỗi năm
    ✔️ thời kì thí điểm 3 năm, bắt đầu nhận hồ sơ đầu năm 2020 ( theo IRCC )
    ✔️ Định cư cả gia đình ( vợ/ chồng, con dưới 18 tuổi )
    ✔️ Không yêu cầu EOI , hồ sơ nộp trước xét duyệt trước
    ✔️ Hồ sơ xét rút ngắn chỉ còn 8 -12 tháng
    ✔️ Lấy PR chỉ sau 12 tháng làm việc
    ⛔ Các nhóm ngành NOC D ứng dụng
    - Chế biến và đóng gói thịt ( Retail and industial butcher, Food Processing labourer )
    - Trồng nấm hoặc rau màu trong nhà kính ( Mushroom Harvester )
    - Giám sát nông trại nấm, chăn nuôi ( Farm Supervisor )
    ⛔ Điều kiện dễ dàng
    - Trình độ văn hóa từ trung học phổ quát trở lên
    - đề nghị ngoại ngữ CLB4 Tiếng Anh
    - Độ tuổi : 22 - 45
    Hotline: 0909-396-454
    Web: Visa thế giới 24h
    ✔️ VIỆT NAM: Viettel Building, 285 cách mệnh Tháng 8, Phường 12, Quận 10, Hồ Chí Minh.
    ✔️ Văn phòng tại Mỹ : 30th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108-2118
    ✔️ Văn phòng tại Canada : 5000 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC, Canada
    ✔️ Văn phòng tại Canada : 6125 Susses Avenue, Burnaby, BC, Canada.
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