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    Vingroup Joint Stock Company (Vingroup JSC), formerly known as Technocom, was founded in Ukraine in 1993 by an ambitious group of Vietnamese youths. Technocom began with food production and quickly found great success with the Mivina brand. During the early years of the 21st century, Technocom was ranked among Ukraine’s Top 100 largest and most influential companies. In 2000, Technocom - Vingroup returned to Vietnam with ambition to contribute the country’s development.

    Emphasizing sustainable long-term development, Vingroup initially focused investments on real estate and hospitality through two key brands, Vincom and Vinpearl. Ten years of hard work and dedication turned Vincom into one of Vietnam’s premier real estate brands with a number of mixed-used developments in major cities, combining modern shopping malls, offices and luxury apartments in a single complex, leading the trend towards smart, eco-luxury urban projects in Vietnam. Alongside Vincom Vinpearl has also become the leader in Vietnam’s tourism industry, featuring international 5-star and above hotels, resorts, beach villas, amusement parks and golf courses.

    In January 2012, Vinpearl JSC merged into Vincom JSC to form Vingroup JSC. The new structure ensures sustained development and allows Vingroup to focus on developing its strategic brands:
    • Vinhomes (Luxury serviced apartments and villas)
    • Vincom (Premium shopping malls)
    • Vinpearl (Hotels & Resorts)
    • Vinpearl Land (Entertainment)
    • Vinmec (Healthcare services)
    • Vinschool (Education)
    • VinEcom (E-commerce)
    • Vincom Office (Offices for lease)
    • Kids World (Children’s products and services)
    • Vinmart (Supermarket)
    • Vinfashion (Fashion)
    • Vincharm (Fitness and beauty care)

    Vingroup continues to pioneer and lead consumer trends in each of its businesses introducing Vietnamese consumers to a brand new, modern life-style with international-standard products and services. Vingroup has created a respected, well-recognized Vietnamese brand and is proud to be one of the nation’s leading private enterprises.
    With these achievements, Vingroup is recognized as one of the most dynamic, successful, well-capitalized companies in Vietnam, well-positioned for international integration and comparable to the best regional and global peers.

    History of Company:
    - Vincom Joint Stock Company was formerly known as JSC Vietnam General Commercial formal operations with an initial chartered capital of 196 billion dong date 5/3/2002, then rose to nearly 251 billion a year, to invest in the construction and management of shopping mall - Services - Office for rent at 191 Ba Trieu, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi (Vincom City Towers). The principal activity of the Company is the real estate business, office rental, business center and offers products and services and entertainment.
    - May 12/2006 official company increase its charter capital to $ 313.5 billion.
    - The Company has used Undistributed earnings over the years to raise charter capital to VND600 billion under Resolution 02/07 / NQ-AGM-VINCOMJSC date 09/02/2007
    - On 22/06/2007, the Company was granted the 13th amendment of business registration with the registered charter capital of VND800 billion.
    - The Company has been granted listed under Decision No. 106 / QD-SGDHCM by the General Director of Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange dated 07 March 09, 2007 and 80,000,000 shares of the Company traded on the stock exchange City. Ho Chi Minh City on November 19/9/2007.
    - May 4/2008, Vincom officially increased its chartered capital to nearly 1,200 billion and continues to successfully issued 2.000 billion in corporate bonds with a term of 5 years.
    - May 11/2009, VSC is the first enterprise successfully issued $ 100 million international convertible bonds listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.
    - 5/2010, the company increased its chartered capital to 3.600 billion, successfully issued 1.000 billion in corporate bonds 5-year term.
    - On 15/11/2011, the official AGM approving Vinpearl JSC merged into Vincom JSC.
    - In 2012, the charter capital of the Company is 7,004,620,550,000 VND
    - Business Real Estate;
    - Service offices for rent, houses, machinery, equipment and buildings;
    - Hotel business;
    - Entertainment and recreation: billiards, video games, water games, games on land, swimming;
    - Beauty salon Services (excluding work tattoo eyes and bleeding);
    - Catering, refreshments;
    - Civil and industrial;
    - Sale of goods, agriculture, construction, transportation, electronics, information technology, refrigeration, civil, automation, protection devices to prevent theft auto, agricultural, forestry and fishery seafood;

    - Buying agent, dealer, consignment goods;
    - Investment Consulting;
    - Rental house with the equipment specification (concert halls, theaters, halls, wedding halls, studios, theaters);
    - Advertising and related services advertised.
    - Production, transmission and distribution of electricity.
    - Mining, processing and supply.

    Company ‘s Position:
    -The Commerce:
    Department of Commerce Hanoi published a list of 22 supermarkets and trade center in Hanoi, ranked by the standards of the Ministry of Commerce, was named to head the Vincom Trade Center. Currently, there is a trade center in Hanoi What could be the perfect combination between procurement activities and recreation services, entertainment and high quality cuisine in Vincom. Above all, it was a lot of office space with amenities and security.
    The perfect combination between the bottom 06 floors is a major commercial center, offering a wide variety of items, with food and entertainment area with 15 floors above the high-end office space brings the maximum utility for 02 blocks, creating a position that until now, no any public buildings in Hanoi have been.
    Megastar cinema complex: this is considered a modern cinema complex with 8 rooms most versatile projector international standards. This cinema complex resonance effects and support for Vincom trade center and a strong competitive position in Hanoi that other buildings could not get during the next 2-3 years.
    - Office area:
    With an area of 50,000m2 offices, Vincom is considered to be one of the largest office buildings in Hanoi, advice and managed by CBRE. With its central location, the building certainly has a competitive advantage compared to the existing building and other activities including ongoing projects in the future.
    - Investment projects HH1:
    Currently Vincom is preparing to start the construction project at the HH1 ground beside the building (approximately 4,000m2). This building has a total area of about 45,000m2 building will be connected to Vincom. Thus, it is expected to become one of the office complexes, apartments, commercial centers, entertainment and the biggest cinema in Vietnam with a total construction area of over 130,000m2.
    Project cluster of office buildings and luxury apartments for rent, 5 star hotel and commercial center in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City:
    Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vincom has continued to assert themselves by officially permitted to participate as an investor in the land of the two downtown locations. The company is expected to build this place into the top real estate in Vietnam with the idea of design and good quality

    II) Ratio analysis:

    In this table analysis ratio 2011-2013 We see that:
    Firm have policy ensure liquidity it improve by current ratio also increase. Particularly in 2012 Current ratio compare to 2011 and 2013 not different but cash ratio (2012) extremely low compare cash ratio 2011 and 2013. It express in 2012 firm also try apply policy about liquidity and using capital efficient.
    Inventory turnover increase year by year. If COGS increase strongly not from price input increase => Firm have trend operating pretty efficient.
    AR turnover increase per year, because account receivable decrease and Net sale have trend increase. That is good (Firm may be follow policy credit crunch, be consider infuture Firm have loss customer)

    2013 2012 2011
    Current ratio 1,46 1,12 0,93
    Cash ratio 0,031 0.008 0,03
    Inventory turnover 0,6 0,23 0,14
    AR turnover 4,85 2,08 0,45
    AP turnover 9,8 2,4 2,42
    Total Assets Turnover 0,243 0,142 0,065
    Equity Multiplier 5,24 5,3 5,46
    Times Interest Rate 6,67 2,42 1,82
    Net profit margin 0,39 0,23 0,46
    ROA 9,4 % 3,3 % 3 %
    ROE 49,6 % 17,5 % 16,5 %

    AP turnover have trend increase rapid from 2012 to 2013. Account payable decrease strongly 2012-2013 while COGS increase fast suddenly. So increasing AP turnover 2013 that main reason COGS increase.
    Assets turnover have trend increase,It so good. Firm using capital more efficient
    Equity multiplier have trend decrease => Firm have policy reduce using leverage finance.
    Time interest rate increase from 2011 to 2013. Perhap firm decrease debt lead to interest expense decrease.Beside to EBIT increase strongly. Of course Time interest rate of firm ensure obligation for pay interest expense.
    Net profit margin of firm fluctuate, When we see careful we perceive Net income increase year by year. So Net profit margin fluctuate because Net Sale (2012) increase faster than Net income (2012).
    ROA of firm have trend increase => magage expense of firm good. (ROA 2013 pretty high, firm can use
    financial leverage. For credit of Firm, acttualy interest rate will low than 9 %)
    ROE increase because ROA increase and we will analysis detail by dupont system.

    III) Analysis by Dupont system:

    ROE = (Net income/Net Sale) x (Net Sale/Total Assets) x (Total Assets/Total Equity)
    ROE (2013) = 0,39 x 0,243 x 5,24 = 0,496
    ROE (2012) = 0,23 x 0,142 x 5,3 = 0,175
    ROE (2011) = 0,46 x 0,065 x 5,46 = 0,165
    We perceive ROE have trend increase from 2011 to 2013 base on analysis dupont system we can see:
    Net profit margin fluctuate. Besite to Equity Multiplier decrease slowly year by year But Assets turnover increase sharply from 2011 to 2013 that is main reason make ROE increase, ROE increase That signal good. Clearly Assets turnover increase that improve firm using capital more efficient year by year.

    IV) Trend Percen:
    2013 2012 2011
    Cash & Cash Equivalent/Total Assets 10 % 3 % 3,5 %
    AR Short-term/Total Assets 5 % 6,8 % 14,5 %
    Inventory/Total Assets 25 % 32 % 26 %
    Investing long-term/ Total Assets 6 % 5,7 % 5,8 %
    COGS/Net Sale 62 % 52 % 56 %
    Interest expense/Net Sale 7,9 % 14 % 35 %
    Income from operating/Net Sale 52 % 32,4 % 54 %

    In this table above we see that: the proportion cash on total assets have trend increase => the firm have policy increase ensure liquidity.
    AR Short-term propotion decrease strongly amount 3 years. Particularly in 2011 propotion AR Short-term on total assets very high and warning but 2012 firm have control and make AR Short-term decrease. Then 2013 AR continue decrease slowly compare to 2012 (Account receivable 2013 decrease but Total Assets increase.Therefore AR long-term propotion decrease).
    The propotion Inventory on Total Assets have fluctuate (from 2011 to 2012 increase then 2013 decrease and lower 2011)
    The propostion Investing long-term on Total Assets have trend fluctuate (from 2011 to 2012 decrease then 2013 increase and higher 2011).
    The propotion COGS on Net Sale have trend fluctuate (from 2011 to 2012 decrease then 2013 increase and higher 2011).May be firm have reduce advantage goodwill .
    The propotion Interest expense on Net Sale decrease, Firm reduce Debt
    The propotion Income from operating on Net Sale fluctuate . (Income from operating should high because firm need focus on main operating then 2012 Firm have refocus about main field)

    V) Cash flow Statement:
    Cash adequacy ratio (2013) = Cash from operating/(Cap ex + Dividend + Additional Inventory) = 9.606.581.419.123/(1.943.627.332.561 + 6.779.512.147.953 + 1.128.826) = 1,1
    Cash adequacy ratio (2012) = Cash from operating/(Cap ex + Dividend + Additional Inventory) = 2.563.499.467.407/(1.241.485.700.398 + 1.571.311.686.488 + 8.502.488) = 0,91
    Cash adequacy ratio (2011) = Cash from operating/(Cap ex + Dividend + Additional Inventory) = 1.245.865.772.324/(904.700.560.196 + 821.285.875.959 + 7.018.233) = 0,72
    Cash reinvestment ratio (2013) = (Cash from operating – Dividend)/ (Gross plant + investment + other A + WC) = (9.606.581.419.123 - 6.779.512.147.953)/(11.724.114.750.744 + 4.532.383.326.606 + 1.238.826.097.403 + 4.803.912.193.645) = 0,13
    Cash reinvestment ratio (2012) = (Cash from operating – Dividend)/ (Gross plant + investment + other A + WC) = (2.563.499.467.407 - 1.571.311.686.488)/(10.748.359.371.487 + 3.163.564.921.117 + 5.323.050.138.965) = 0,052
    Cash reinvestment ratio (2011) = (Cash from operating – Dividend)/ (Gross plant + investment + other A + WC) = (1.245.865.772.324 - 821.285.875.959)/(6.508.942.834.720 + + 669.453.466.072 + 2.264.822.097.870) = 0,0369

    We see that Cash adequacy ratio increase year by year because Main reason from cash from operating increase strongly while other cost (cap ex,dividend,additional inventory) increase slowly.. Obviously firm have trend operate more efficient.
    Cash reinvestment ratio also increase year by year. It express firm have policy increase reinvestment, Although each factor increase but because Cash from operating increase extremely fast. Therefore Cash reinvestment ratio increase.

    VI) Market
    VIC (VINGROUP) Average Industry
    EPS 9,806 2,833
    P/E 4,9 8,8
    ROA 12% 5%
    Beta 1 1,3

    Consider some chart above we perceive:
    Capital also revenue grow pretty. Market price of stock fluctuate
    EPS firm higher than Average Industry. It express firm make more profit than average industry, ROA firm also higher than Average Industry While P/E of firm lower than Average Industry => show investor not expectation about firm future as other firm on industry Or Firm be estimate undervalue.

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    Những loại Công nghệ in 3D trên thị trường Việt Nam

    kỹ thuật IN 3D LÀ GÌ?

    In 3D là in ấn ra một vật thể 3D mà ta có thể cầm nắm, Nhìn vào hay dùng nó như: mô hình xe khá, ốc vít, mẫu chai nước ngọt, lọ hoa, giày, áo xống,… thậm chí là 1 ngôi nhà, đôi giày, cái chụp đèn ngủ… Đối có in 3D, cảm hứng thông minh là vô tận, đông đảo các gì bạn buộc phải là 1 ý tưởng lý tưởng.

    MÁY IN 3D LÀ GÌ?

    Máy in 3D với chức năng tạo ra vật phẩm 3 chiều bằng bí quyết xây dựng nó theo từng lớp, cho nơi lúc hầu hết vật thể được hoàn thành. (Xem clip về máy in 3D)

    mang phổ biến loại máy in 3D, phân loại theo nhu cầu và mục đích sử dụng như sau:

    một. Máy in 3D dành cho tư nhân (Xem chi tiết)

    hai. Máy in 3D dành cho doanh nghiệp/tổ chức (Xem chi tiết)

    3. Máy in 3D dành cho tạo mẫu nữ trang và các vật kích tấc nhỏ đòi hỏi sự chuẩn xác cao nhất (Xem chi tiết)

    vật liệu IN 3D LÀ GÌ?

    Đối có máy in 3D, nguyên liệu in sẽ là nhựa PLA (chiết xuất trong khoảng bột bắp, gần gũi có môi trường và không hại sức khỏe người dùng), ABS (chiết xuất trong khoảng dầu mỏ, may in 3d dùng trong cung ứng những khía cạnh máy sử dụng trong công nghiệp), dung dịch chất lỏng Resin (một dạng nhựa Toàn tập, được ngưng kết dưới lực chiếu của tia UV), socola (hoàn toàn sở hữu thể ăn được, dùng trong công nghiệp làm bánh), hoặc một số chất liệu nhựa khác như Nylon, nhựa dẻo Fexible, PVA, nhựa gỗ…Tùy mục tiêu tiêu dùng mà người dùng có thể lựa chọn sao cho thích hợp.

    1. In 3D bằng nhựa PLA, ABS (cơ chế in giống nhau) (Xem clip)

    2. In 3D bằng dung dịch Resin (dùng để tạo mẫu nữ trang và cac vật nhỏ chi tiết) (Xem clip)

    ba. In 3D bằng socola (tạo mẫu làm cho bánh kem) (Xem clip)

    không những thế, máy in 3D với diện tích hợp chức năng khoan/phay mạch điện tử, chỉ phải thay thế đầu phun bằng đầu khoan mạch, chúng ta sẽ có thêm 1 công dụng có ích trong cùng 1 chiếc máy (Xem clip)


    khoa học EBM (Electron Beam Melting):

    trái lại có SLM, công nghệ EBM sử dụng một chùm tia điện tử máy tính điều khiển dưới chân không để làm tan chảy hoàn toàn bột kim khí tại nhiệt độ cao lên tới 1000 ° C.

    Đây là loại máy in 3D sở hữu thể dùng kim loại như titan tinh khiết, Inconel718, và Inconel625 để chế tạo phụ tùng hàng ko vũ trụ và cấy ghép y tế. Nhưng khi mà các kỹ thuật in 3D bây giờ nó siêu chậm và siêu tốn kém.

    khoa học in 3D BJ (Binder Jetting):

    Đây là kỹ thuật in 3D được nghiên cứu và phát minh ở MIT. công nghệ in 3D DLP khoa học in dạng này đã xuất hiện dưới phổ biến tên. Nó được gọi là “ “in 3D in phun”,”in thả-on-bột” hay – có lẽ rộng rãi nhất – là ‘in bằng chất kết dính’.

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    công nghệ tạo mẫu nhanh dạng này làm việc mang các loại vật liệu: thạch cao, giấy gốm, kim loại, cát hoặc nguyên liệu nhựa. các loại máy in 3D có 1 lợi thế rất to. Bạn với thể in đa dung nhan màu bằng phương pháp thêm những nhan sắc tố để những chất kết dính thường là CMYK. ngoài ra còn mang tiến bộ trong loại công nghệ in 3D. Trong 5 2016, Hewlett-Packard giới thiệu “Multijet Fusion” (MJF), mà muốn có Binder phun vào level- tiếp theo. 1 lớp vật liệu in 3D sở hữu khoa học này thường cực kỳ mỏng, khoảng 0.08~0,12 (mm).

    ứng dụng của khoa học in 3D này là: tạo mẫu nhanh, ngành mỹ thuật, ngành y tế, nha khoa và đặc thù là đào tạo.
    cung cấp máy in 3D
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    Điều đáng chú ý là biên giới Canada-Hoa Kỳ lần trước nhất bị đóng cửa bởi thỏa thuận chung, trong khi các hạn chế du lịch khác của Hoa Kỳ, như với Liên minh Châu Âu và Trung Quốc, được áp đặt đơn phương.

    Cả Hoa Kỳ và Canada đã buộc phải đấu các biện pháp ngăn chặn trong bối cảnh sự lây lan của coronavirus (COVID-19).

    Canada đã chứng kiến hơn 35.000 trường hợp nhiễm coronavirus, đẵn ở các tỉnh Quebec và Ontario, với hơn 1.500 trường hợp tử vong.

    Hoa Kỳ, nơi có dân số gần gấp chín lần Canada, đã chứng kiến hơn 720.000 trường hợp với hơn 35.000 trường hợp tử vong.
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    Địa chỉ chuyên bán kính măt nam - điện thoại cổ- mặt dây chuyền phật bản mệnh - nhẫn phong thủy giá rẻ đường nguyễn biểu tại hà nội giao hàng thu tiền tận nơi trên toàn quốc đảm bảo uy tín


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